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Since 1974, medium-heavy metallic carpentry work

For over 40 years we provide our customers with our experience in machining of medium-heavy metallic carpentry. Among these we deal in particular with laser cutting and punching, stamping, sheet bending, robotic and manual welding. We also perform mechanical machining, bending pipes and spot welding. Everything about carpentry is daily life and passion for us, from 1974 to today.

The enormous change that has hit the productive world in recent times has pushed us to change our company significantly, both in the technological aspects and the organizational point of view.

So we have embarked on a path of business organization that aims to position the company on levels of absolute competitiveness, through different activities. First of all, a better exploitation of spaces, an efficient identification of equipment and materials, the continuous waste hunting and the shortening of internal transit times.

12 000 mq

Used Area

5 500 mq

Our Factory

5 300 mq


1 200 mq

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